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"Art is about searching for the truth, not creating illusions." -Christopher Duggan

Artist: Chris Duggan
Base: New York 
Education: Pratt Institute 
Creative Focus: figurative images in monotype, drawing and mixed media.

Say hello to Mr. Christopher Duggan, an excellent draftsman with a generous spirit. I met Chris when I worked as a copywriter at a Madison Ave advertising agency. Chris was the creative director assigned to my account. Besides his superb graphic design skills, I was immediately drawn to him when I noticed his drawings. They were so beautiful. I asked Chris if he would be willing to mentor me on drawing. He agreed, and years later he is still giving me constructive feedback on my drawings. 

I’m very grateful for Chris’s guidance and plan on interviewing him for this blog, so he can share his insights on drawing with all of you! In the meanwhile, check out my favorite Chris Duggan drawings posted above. To see more of his beautiful work, pay him a visit at his website.

If you have any questions about drawing that you would like me to ask Chris for the upcoming interview please email me at 


I love working with Chris! I’m second from the bottom

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